Traccor says Bonjour!!

A big and warm welcome to you on our blog. This is a short brief of who we are, what we do and how we started.

The journey of Traccor began in the year 2012 (That was pretty much when everyone expected the world to come to an end :D). But in vain we survived and nothing as such happened which would end our world. Well jokes apart, comforting prospect of it was, we started our journey in the field of interior designs that very year and we have been successful till date. The foundation was laid by Mr. Tapas Mohanty who also holds the position of Director in Traccor. Though the company was young at that time, but the experience of Mr. Tapas was close to 11 years back then, which adds up to 20 years of relevant experience as on date.

The idea of opening this company was very simple but an interesting topic to share. Mr. Tapas is an individual, who had his priorities set during his college days, when his career had kickstarted in this field. During his stay in Hyderabad where he was completing his studies, Mr. Tapas got an opportunity to work with a firm of Interior Designs, where he got his chance to showcase his ideas and that very platform gave wings to his dreams. There was no turning back for Mr. Tapas and knew that he had to begin his career in this field. His love for traveling was an added advantage for him. To inculcate the idea of present architectural designs he started travelling to different places across the world. He used to travel to places in India and abroad. To places where he can see remarkable quality of architectural designs. This helped him develop his idea on interior designs and we can see the outcome today. There are “N” number of beautiful projects that has been completed via Traccor. Had it not been the initial design ideas that Mr. Tapas had in his mind, we wouldn’t be having a story to share today.

Traccor as a company works in diversified nature of commercial and residential projects. We have worked on many projects in residential (both single and apartment), hotel, restaurant, office, and showroom. We love our work and give our best shot in delivering a unique design every time. The credit also goes to our team of experts who have helped us to reach where we are today. A big thumbs up to our team who were with us all through this journey and gave Traccor its identity with their support and hard work. It’s true that any company’s foundation is laid by its owner, but the company reaches its heights because of the dedication that its team puts in. Traccor is always thankful and grateful to its team, who has given a huge contribution in Traccor’s success.

While we wrap up this blog for now, we request all the citizens of India to be safe and sound. Please remain indoors as much possible. It is for your own safety and that of others around you. With regards to any requirements from Traccor, we are just a click away. Let’s use the digital platform adequately and keep ourselves safe. Also please remember that “Every cloud has silver lining”. Like any bad times this will also pass. But until then let’s keep our patience and wait until the clock completes its round.