double bar graph in excel: How to Make a 3D Graph in Excel? 7 Types


So, you need to strategically filter your data to only include the parts most relevant to your goal. The double bar graph is a pictorial representation of data that uses vertical or horizontal rectangles to reflect different items in your data set. The history of the double bar graph is really the background story of bar charts in general. Bar charts are popular and powerful data visualization tools. A bar graph or bar chart consists of multiple bars displaying different categories.

  • A grouped bar chart or a clustered bar chart groups two or more data sets under categories.
  • Set your spreadsheet up so that Row 1 is your X axis and Rows 2 and 3 are your two Y axes.
  • So that if you add any column or row, it will automatically add the data into the graph.
  • Every bar represents a particular item in your data set.
  • To do this, firstly, select the whole dataset depending on which parts need to be included in the bar.

Many different chart types support comparative analysis. Many people consider bar charts at the top of the food chain of comparison tools. Using the double bar graph visualization, you can chart data from before and after the change.

Step 2: Select The Data You Want To See in A Graph

However, you can change the color of any single bar or all the bars, if desired. A grouped bar chart shows the values of multiple categories across different time periods. Insert the clustered column chart for the data in the succeeding image. Excel and Google Sheets limit your visualization options to around different chart and graph types. ChartExpo more than doubles this number, opening the doors to many fresh and interesting ways to visualize your data. Most other tools rely on writing and editing JavaScript code to insert new chart types into Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

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data set

The format we need is “[Right click each axis and choose Format Axis. Select the Number tab of the dialog, click on Custom, and enter the appropriate format into the box . Don’t forget to click the Add button, or Excel will discard your carefully typed format.

On the x-axis of the chart, the different months and zones are displayed. RevenueRevenue is the amount of money that a business can earn in its normal course of business by selling its goods and services. In the case of the federal government, it refers to the total amount of income generated from taxes, which remains unfiltered from any deductions.

Adding the Secondary Axis Manually (Excel

You can easily add new dimensions and layers of detail to the visualization, without sacrificing quality or readability . Thanks to the double bar graph design, you can draw a few crucial types of comparisons, particularly regarding time. In other words, charts like the double bar graph are necessary for effective data storytelling. They provide the most efficient way to fully understand your data. You can use the search bar to find the chart you want directly.

How to add a single vertical bar to a Microsoft Excel line chart – TechRepublic

How to add a single vertical bar to a Microsoft Excel line chart.

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A pop-up will come out that gives you the option to select a secondary axis. If you’re using a version of Excel that doesn’t provide you with this formatting button, move on to the fourth step below. Right off the bat, plot a basic stacked bar chart. Bar charts and column charts have a lot of similarities except for the visual representation of the bars in horizontal and vertical format.

Microsoft’s chart functions help readers quickly visualise information and see insights buried within sheets of endless data. They can include bar charts, line and scatter graphs and many more. When you have only two sets of data or information, and you want to make a bar graph in excel with two variables, it is very easy. We use it all the time to make the information more interesting. Since ChartExpo is so easy to use, anyone in your organization can create advanced charts to answer valuable analysis and double bar graph questions.

Chart colors

It compares parts of a whole with the ability to break down. In addition, we can also use a 3D bar chart to provide the chart’s title and define labels and values to make the chart more understandable. A double bar graph is the most common means of representing grouped data in the form of graphs. It is used to represent and compare data among items based on two categories. The data analysis and interpretation section of competitive examinations usually has a question on bar graphs. The bar graph used in these types of questions is either a double bar graph or a multiple bar graph.

Other individuals, like your clients and stakeholders, aren’t so comfortable with raw data. Charts bridge this gap with accessible visuals that anyone can understand. You can spend an entire day staring at a spreadsheet and trying to make sense of it. Or, you can spend a minute or two with a chart depicting that data.

It requires a solid internal culture that recognizes the value of data and insights and uses both thoroughly across the organization. You’ll notice from the above section that there is no mention of coding or confusing settings in the ChartExpo process. That’s because ChartExpo eliminates the need to script charts manually. When you report data, you want to deliver it in the best way possible.

Changing the Chart Type of the Secondary Axis

A Multiple Bar Graph in Excel is one of the best-suited visualization designs in comparing within-groups and between-groups comparison insights. Lastly, change the chart title according to the requirement. Eventually, there is Temperature Difference between London and Newyork.

Notice how your “double bar graph in excel Shoes Sold” data is now overlapping with your “Number of Shoes Sold” columns? Let’s fix that so your secondary data series is presented separately from your primary data series. Having highlighted this additional data series on your chart, a menu bar labeled “Format Data Series” should appear on the right of your screen. Now it’s time to turn the “Percent of Nike Shoes Sold” data — currently row 3 in the spreadsheet — into your chart’s secondary Y axis.

How to Make a Bar Graph Easier to Read

Select the data and insert the clustered column chart . Excel is one of the standard tools that business owners use to store and analyze data. And this is because it has a library of charts, graphs, and maps. Many people across your organization require charts. Unfortunately, only those with the JavaScript abilities can create visualizations with these tools efficiently.

After having the chart, we will modify it to remove the bar for the data of the year column and use this range as a horizontal axis label. In this article, we covered how to make a 3d graph in excel. From now on, you can easily make any type of 3d graph. We will talk about more graphs in another article. Now, in this section, we will learn about all the options to format a 3d graph in excel. Now, we are going to learn how to change the chart type in excel.


To combine them here we will use the 100% Stacked Bar option. To combine them here we will use the Clustered Bar option. And using them we have created two different bar graphs.

The order of variables can be experimented with to decide the best possible way of conveying data. One of the key uses of a Double Bar Chart to compare two varying variables in data. The visualization design uses two axes to illustrate the relationships between two metrics with varying measurement scales. And this is because each dot takes up very little space. You can easily pack lots of points with the X and Y-axes. A Double Bar Graph is among a few visualization designs that display a lot of insights in a straightforward format.